Non-Extractive Architecture is an ongoing initiative by Space Caviar - this website will link to the various strands of this research platform.

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non-extractive architecture(s) a directory of design without depletion
is a growing website of practices and ways of practice. Intended to be downloadable, shared, and widely accessible - the website should be used as a tool to connect and inspire towards a non-extractive architecture.

This directory is intended to be always in development and will grow over time.

non-extractive architecture(s) is developed in close ongoing collaboration with the re:arc institute Practice Lab, a philanthropic initiative based in Copenhagen and supported by the Interogo Foundation.

Non-Extractive ArchitectureExhibitionResidency

The first exhibition of Non-Extractive Architecture took place during a year-long residency at V-A-C Zattere in 2021. Non-Extractive Architecture was articulated through several parallel initiatives that simultaneously activated V–A–C's Palazzo delle Zattere on multiple levels, transforming it into a research lab in which Space Caviar worked together with 11 international and multidisciplinary resident researchers who were recruited through open calls. These parallel strands of research, residences, public programs, publishing, and broadcasting intertwined and overlapped throughout the year, alternating levels of intensity, and all became a part of an exhibition that took form and evolved over the course of the year. The palazzo became our open-door studio, in which the public could enter and witness the research process firsthand.


The book: Non-Extractive Architecture: On Designing without Depletion Vol. 1 establishes a theoretical framework for a new approach to architecture - one based on long-term thinking, material resources, and their subsequent landscapes, and the integration of community values into the construction industry. Through a series of essays by architects, geographers, historians, economists, urbanists, and philosophers, Non-Extractive Architecture: On Designing without Depletion Vol.1 explores whether an alternative paradigm in design is possible, and what values it might be founded on.

Edited by Space Caviar with an introduction by Joseph Grima and contributions by Dele Adeyemo, Benjamin Bratton, Stephanie Carlisle, Emanuele Coccia, Keller Easterling, Swarnabh Ghosh, Macarena Gómez-Barris, Phineas Harper, Elsa Hoover, Jane Hutton, Interiors Agency, Elisa Iturbe, Luke Jones, Chiara Di Leone, Armin Linke, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Nicholas Pevzner, Maria Smith and Mark Wigley. The book is published by V-A-C and Sternberg Press. It is available for sale online and in selected bookstores.